August 22nd 2007, Guatemala
On the left, Similia is accompanying M. the Canadian Ambassador in Guatemala. On the right, Geraldine who organized the Guatemala tour.
  August 12th 2007, British-Colombia (Canada)
It is in this environment feeric that Similia gave a concert in the open air. Mission Hill is a famous vineyard located in the valley of Okanagan.
  October 7th, 2006, New Delhi (India)
Similia is warmly greeted during their arrival in India during their 2006 tour.  The magnificent colours of their beautiful traditional dress were truly awe inspiring.  What a wonderfully warm and hospitible people! 

October 8th, 2006, New Delhi (India)
Malti Bhandari (at left) was our most gracious hostess and adopted us as her younger sisters.  She took such great care of us during the entire tour that we are eternally grateful to her and are so honoured to have made such a good friend.

New Delhi was a splendid and impressive city despite the blistering sun. 

  October 11th, 2006, Kolkata (India)
A visit to Mother Teresa's Home and School was a memorable highlight of our tour. A place of peace and tranquility, the sisters were accomodating and generous.  At right, Similia is accompanied by the Kolkata Quartet with wohom we had the pleasure of playing during a press conference.  Similia with some oriental spice!
  12 octobre 2006, Kolkata (Inde)
The concert in Kolkata was a huge success.  A concert hall full of people who had come to discover "new and exotic" music since they are mostly accustomed to traditional music.  After the concert, Nadia entertains questions about the flute. 
  15 octobre 2006, Chennai (Inde)
We are transported to another world when Sasha, blind Bansuri flute player, introduces us to his music with a remarkable passion and generosity of the soul in India's most prestigious traditional music school.

17 octobre 2006, Mumbai (Inde)
An interview with MTV (Music Televison) that enraptured the station directors. 

At right, similia during a photo session for the Mumbai press.


18 octobre 2006, Mumbai (Inde)
At left, Cheryl who organized more than 8 interviews for us in 2 days!  Bravo!

At right, Vinod and Gary (Canadian High Commissioner)  during a private party with other distinguished guests where we get to discover Indian Gastronomy and hospitality!


23 juin 2006, Taipei (Taiwan)
A small concert during a press conference at the Taipei International Film Festival. 

At right, an interview on Taipei radio. 


June 24th 2006, Taipei (Taiwan)

Annie and Nadia accompanied by the Canadian Ambassador of Taipei for the opening of the International Film Festival of Taipei.


June 27th 2006, Taipei (Taiwan)

Similia with Chloe, our hostess from Trade Office of Canada. Many thanks for your wonderful work!


June 27th 2006, Taipei (Taiwan)

Annie, M. Ambassador, Nadia and Jean-Marc Vallée, director of the excellent movie C.R.A.Z.Y. and judge at the festival.


May 15th until June 4th 2006, Egypte

Three wonderful weeks discovering Sharm el Sheik, Sinai’s desert, Temples, pyramides and Cairo. A childhood dream come true…


March 25th 2006, Hong Kong

Nadia and Crystal Tang from the Hong Kong Canadian embassy showing us around this great city.
(On your right) Nadia is savoring some traditional Dim sum…


March 22nd 2006, Hanoi (Vietnam)

Similia gave a concert at the famous Hanoi’s Opera House. During this concert, Nadia played with a well known Vietnamese Orchestra using some folk instruments. What a delight! Despite obvious language barriers, music brought us all together. And finally, at the end of Similia’s concert, the Belgian group Marka (pop music) came to wrap up the show.


March 20th 2006, Hanoi (Vietnam)

Nadia with some of Marka’s musicians.
(On your right) Here’s a glimpse at Hanoi’s architecture.


March 17th 2006, Shanghai (China)

This is truly one of the most impressive cities since it has remarkably changed over last 10 years. We are looking forward to our next visit!


March 12th 2006, Beijing (China)

Similia after a concert at the Beijing’s University.


March 11th 2006, Guangzhou (China)

Jasmine and Angel were great hostesses during our stay in Guangzhou. Built in only 2 years, the university’s campus has over 100 000 students and 10 buildings Faculties.


March 12th 2006, Guangzhou (China)

Similia’s concert «Ode to francophonie» attracted more than 450 students from the Guangdong University… a much appreciated concert!


February 8th 2006, Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

We had a great time with Azra and Amra, our hostesses for the famous Sarajevo’s Winter Festival. During the war (1992-95), this festival continued to present concerts; even during earth and air raids.


February 10th 2006, Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Lunch with the Canadian embassy’s staff, a special thank to Gordana.
(On your right) Canadian militaries maintaining peace in Sarajevo. We felt like part of the family!

  November 2005, Canadian tour(Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton)

Annie gave a few pointers to a young student during a master class organized by the Winnipeg Guitar Society. Annie had over 22 students!!
(On your right) We introduce you the wonderful people from the Calgary Guitar Society. We had a great time with them… especially in Banff !


October 13th 2005, Montreal
(On your left)

Fantasia’s launch in Montreal… We thank everyone for coming and many thanks to Amir for his loft!

October 27th 2005, Rimouski
(On your right)
Similia and M. Jean-Pierre Coallier (CJPX 99,5) during the Fantasia’s launch at Rimouski. Who can forget such a wonderful visit?!



September 2005, Expo2005 Aichi, (Japan)

After playing in 7 concerts in 4 days, Similia was interviewed by a Chinese television station. Annie presented each piece in Japanese, while Nadia translated in English. There were between 500 and 800 spectators at each concert.  And after each one, hundreds lined up for photos and autographs.  Similia was well received in Japan, to say the least!

On the last day of the festival, Similia finally had a day off.  To their great surprise however, thousands appeared outside the Canadian pavilion cheering «Similia! Similia!» for an encore presentation!

Expo2005 Aichi, Japan

Here Similia met with young children who asked the artists many questions…  “Do you have a boyfriend?” was one of their favorite topics…
  Expo2005 Aichi, Japan

For the great closing concert of the Expo festival, Similia shared the stage with 4 other great Canadian musicians. Here Nadia is with Measha ( who is a wonderful soprano. What an exceptional experience!!