Concert Similia at Saint-Léonard, Montreal, Qc, Canada

October 3nd 2017, between 10h and 15h, at the Bibliothèque of Saint-Léonard


Concert Annie Labrie with the Orchestre Symphonique de l'Estuaire (OSE), Rimouski, Canada

September 16th 2017, 20h,Concerto Aranjuez, Rodrigo, Desjardins-Telus Hall, Rimouski.


Concert Nadia Labrie and Mathieu Gaudet, flute and piano, Mont-Royal, Canada

June 12th 2017, 19h, private concert


Concert Similia in Brossard, Montreal, Qc, Canada

April 30th 2017, 11h,


Concert Similia, Outremont, Qc, Canada

March 24th 2017, 20h, Concert for the Festival Stella Musica


Concert Annie Labrie, guitar solo, Outremont, Qc, Canada

March 23nd 2017, 20h, concert for the Festival Stella Musica, Theatre Outremont, Montreal


Concert Nadia Labrie, flute and Circus (Hand to hand), in Beijing, China

February 23nd 2017, private concert


Concert Nadia Labrie, flute and piano, in Shanghai, China

February16th 2017, private concert


Private concert and video recording of Similia

December 1st, 2016


October 23nd 2016 at 3h pm : free concert at Beaconsfield!!

Similia will offer a concert at the Église unie de Beaurepaire (25, Fieldfare, Beaconsfield, Qc, H9W 4W4) on October 23nd at 3h pm. This concert is free!!

Welcome to everyone!!


November 15th 2015 at 11h: free concert near Montreal!!

Similia will offer a concert in Bibliothèque de l'Île-Bizard (500 montée de l'Église) on November 15th at 11h. This concert is free!!

Welcome to everyone!!

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October 5th 2014 : Similia plays in Montréal at Théâtre Rialto!!

Similia will be playing at the wonderful Theâtre Rialto at 19h.

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September 14th 2014 : Similia in concert at Sainte-Thérèsei!!

Similia will be in concert at the Maison Lachaîne on Septembre  14th 2014 at 11h.

Welcome to everyone!


Similia will be giving a concert in Rimouski (where the twins come from) next october 20th, 3h pm.

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After several years dedicating themselves to building «Familia», Similia is proud to return and offer a new musical journey : Homage to Ravi Shankar and music of the world.

Similia offers an eclectic repertoire that will take you to the four corners of the globe and charm music lovers. Musically travelling through Latin America, the Far East, and Asia, we end our musical journey in India with a pièce by the recently deceased Ravi Shankar Magical Dawn. Contact us at Similia

Nadia gives birth to her second baby: Samuel, born December 21st, 2012. His parents, Nadia and Jeannot are delighted to welcome this enchanting little ray of sunshine.  Welcome Samuel; and good luck to his parents!


Annie gives birth to her second child, baby Adam, born at home on May 17th, 2011. His parents Annie and Amir are overjoyed to welcome him to the family.


Similia are invited to play with the Kamloops Symphony umder the direction of Bruce Dunn. March 12 & 13, 2011, Similia played Concerto Tradicionuevo, composed especially for them by Patrick Roux.  Annie also layed the 2nd movement of the Concerto de Aranjuez, while Nadia played Zigeunerweisen, by Pablo de Sarasate.


Nadia gives birth to her first child.  July 20th, 2010, baby Alicia is born: parents Nadia and Jeannot are overjoyed to welcome little Alicia, a veritable ray of sunshine!


Similia and the Québec Symphonic Orchestra, under the guidance of Yoav Talmi.  November 11th, 2009 at the sold out Palais Montcalm in Québec city, Similia played the world premiere of Concerto tradicionuevo, composed by Patrick Roux especially for Similia. Annie also played the Adagio of the famous Concerto de Aranjuez (Rodrigo) et Nadia orchestrale version of Fantaisie brillante sur Carmen (Borne). Tickets sold out 3 weeks before the concert!


Annie & Amir welcome their first baby, Aida, born May 17th 2009.  Her name, Aida, is a nod to Annie’s passion for classical music and Amir’s Egyptian heritage!


Similia on the cover of Gendai Guitar magazine (May 2009) during their Japanese tour.  On top of their cover, they also receive overwhelming accolades in a triumphant review of their concert in Tokyo, while Annie was 7 months pregnant! 

  Similia on tour in Japan on March 2009!
Similia will present one concert in Takasaki on March 15th and 2 concerts in Tokyo on March 17th and 21st. Also, Similia will be on the front page of the well known Gendai Guitar Magazine. For more information visit Tour.
  Similia gives concerts in CHINA on November 2008!
On November 28th, Similia was in concert in Yinchuan in a stadium in front of more than 5000 people! Similia also played a chinese piece, Jasmin Flowey, with students in dance, piano, flute and guitar. An amazing experience!
  Similia gives concerts in CHINA on October, December 2007 and January 2008!
From October 13th to October 29th, December 17th to January 7th and January 16th to 26th, Similia will present several concerts in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Wuxi (Jiangsu) and one of them will be in a stadium in front of more than 4000 people!
  Similia gives 9 concerts for Debut Atlantic in November 2007!
From November 15th to 28th, Similia will present 9 concerts in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada.

Similia gives concerts East of Quebec
This automn, Similia will present concerts in Charlesbourg, La Pocatière, Rimouski and Quebec City.

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Get new DVD and CD of Similia Live
You didn't have the chance yet to attend one of Similia's concerts, with this DVD you will be part of the concert noting the sensibility, charisma and complicity these two musicians have together.

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Similia on YouTube!
You can now watch Similia Live on YouTube!


Similia on tour in British-Colombia and Guatemala
This summer, Similia was on tour in British-Colombia for the Vancouver Festival and also for the famous winery Mission Hill in the Okanagan Valley. Annie and Nadia were also touring in Guatemala City and Antigua.

You can visit Tour and Similia's corner for more info.

  March and April 2007
Annie and Nadia are judging the Canadian Music Competition.
  March 27th 2007
Similia release its new CD Dolce Vita which include some of the most beautiful Italian classical music composers for flute and guitar.


November 21st-24th 2006
Similia is recording their 4th CD!! In the Church of Saint-Benoit de Mirabel... about 50 minutes from Montreal.

  Photo shooting with Marc Montplaisir for Similia's 4th album.

October 6th-20th 2006
Similia is touring in India (New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata)

Listen to the Radio-Canada International interview


September 28th 2006
Nadia plays the Mozart flute Concerto un D major with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra

under the direction of Joji Hattori

Watch the Video, click here!

  September 13th, 2006
Nomination for the ADISQ's Classical Best Album of the year (small ensemble)
  August 2006
Fantasia CD is reviewed by the Gramophone magazine - PDF 1001k
  June 21st  to 29th, 2006
Similia is on tour in Taiwan, Taipei  for concerts
  March  8th to 31st, 2006
Similia is on tour in Asia for concerts and Masterclass : China (Gouangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai), Vietnam (Hanoi), Hong Kong and Singapore
  February  8th, 2006
Concert in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina for the International Winter
  November  19th to 28th, 2005
Similia is on tour in Canada for concerts and Masterclass : Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton

October 18th, 2005
Similia has released their 3rd recording, Fantasia for flute and guitar, on the Analekta label ( This recording included several pieces from opera and Canadian composers. A performance by special guest, Denis Bluteau (solo flute with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra) for an interpretation of the flamboyant Fantasy on a theme of Rigoletto. Similia offers you their favorite selections!

  September 18th- 30th 2005,  Japan
Similia will be Ambassadors for Canada at World Exhibition in Aichi (Nagoya), Japan. They will give a series of 5 concerts at the pavillon of Americas. Similia was selected from among more that 1,200 Canadian artists who submitted their candidacy to represent Canada at this event. In all, Canada has invited 20 artists during the exhibition between the months of March until September. Among other artists selected are Corneille, Alanis Morissette, Jorane, Coral Egan, Keshia Chanté and Similia.

  July 1st at Rimouski
July 7th 2005 at the Parlement  de Québec
Annie and Nadia were awarded with an Honourary Citizenship award presented by Honourable Lise Thibault, Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec, and Marc Garneau, President of Celebrations Canada. This award was granted to the members of duo Similia for their significant contribution to the well being of their fellow countrymen to their community and to Canada.

  June 22th 2005, Toronto
Similia joined the ranks of prestigious guests of Moses Znaimer, during the IdeaCity05 conference in Toronto, which was broadcast on the Bravo! Cable channel. Great names were there : Robert Kennedy Jr., Ken Danby (international wellknown painter) and Veronica Tennant (Prima Ballerina with The National Ballet of Canada).
  October 23nd 2004, Montreal
Similia won the prestigious FELIX award for Best Instrumental Album of the Year, awarded by the ADISQ.